SO WIXCITED! website Builder workshop



If you... 

  • need a website but can’t afford the high cost to pay a web designer

  • have tried building your website on your own, but just can’t seem to get it right

  • need a professional website built with a quick turn around and an affordable budget



Requirements:  You should have basic computer skills. If your require more help, please consider booking me for private instruction. Contact me for rates. 




In the So Wixcited! class you will learn key steps to build stunning and functional websites in Wix! This full day (approximately 8 hour) workshop will give you the instruction you need to leave with a completed or nearly complete website!  The workshop cost includes lunch and snacks!


Some key topics covered include:

Key topics covered include:

•    Selecting your domain and options for linking to your Wix site. 
•    Templates vs. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence
•    Crafting written content for your website.
•    Exploring options for creating and distributing E-Newsletters and blogs.
•    Adding images and video to your website.
•    Creating text, image and video hyperlinks.
•    Using HTML within Wix for linking and embedding outside resources
•    Creating descriptions and tags to prepare your site for SEO


By the end of class each you should have a completed (or close to complete) website for your business!

Class are limited in space so that I can take time with students to build a fully functional site by the end of the workshop. If you are you not comfortable with computers or require more specialized assistance, please contact me for a private session.


*Please note the class fee only covers instruction for building your website. You may need to pay separate fees to your service provider (Wix or whomever else you use) to cover your domain and hosting. Wix offers free and paid options for their website services. 

*You must bring your own computer. Free WiFi access will be available for you to get online. 


*This Workshop is not a product of Wix, nor am I a representative. I’m not an employee either. I am a small business owner just like you. I happened to notice a need for this type of thing so I’m providing my services to you and other small business owners so that you can create great websites for your companies! Click the enroll now button to sign up for my next class!

*All sales are final! There are no refunds but if you are unable to attend your selected session,notify me within 48 hours and you may re-register for at future date at no additional charge. 

Have more questions before you enroll? Give me a call at 720-251-4573 and I'll be happy to help! Or contact me via email!